Friday, July 24, 2009

Back to the Scene of the Crime

Last night, The Scientist and I ventured into the city to attend a book reading/signing by one of The Scientist’s favorite authors at one of my favorite local bookstores. The book is a collection of short stories and poetries, so several of the other contributors were scheduled to be there as well. Unfortunately, Ursula was not actually there. Disappointing, yes. But it didn’t ruin our night. By the time we arrived at the book store we were already 2 beers in from one of our favorite bars, The Stumbling Monk. Rare Belgian beers brewed by Trappist Monks? Yes, please! And after browsing around the book store for about half an hour, we decided to head out for another drink. We started heading down Broadway, and we both knew exactly where we wanted to go.

The Scientist and I met on a random Wednesday night when 2 of my old co-workers and I were planning on meeting up for drinks. After a horrible experience with the whole online dating thing (plenty of fodder for future posts), I had pretty much given up on the idea of meeting anyone with whom I could actually get serious again. So that night it was going to be just us girls. My co-worker and I arrived to find our other co-worker already seated on the back patio with a guy. She introduced him as her ex-boyfriend’s old roommate and we all sat down (I sat next to him). We all started talking and co-worker 1 asked The Scientist what he does for a living, to which he responded “I’m a scientist”. Naturally.

As the night went on, The Scientist and I discovered that we had a lot in common, including growing up within miles of each other, very likely attending many church functions together, and a mutual disdain of organized religion since we both had it shoved down our throats for most of our lives. After several drinks, my co-workers wanted to head to another bar so we walked back inside and started heading out the door, leaving The Scientist alone with his Jameson on the rocks. I turned to co-worker 2 and whispered that I thought he was really cute and she basically shoved me back in his direction. He couldn’t have been more delighted. Our “date” lasted into the wee hours of the morning where we did a lot of talking. And a lot of kissing. In the back seat of his car.

So last night, we headed directly to Rosebud since we actually haven’t been back there since the night we met. I moved out of that neighborhood a week after that so it was no longer in walking distance of my apartment. We arrived and went straight back to the table where we sat that first night, and I’m not kidding you the instant I walked onto that patio I got goosebumps and my stomach was all fluttery. I had no idea I would’ve had such a reaction, but I embraced it and we sat at that table for the rest of the night staring into each other’s eyes by the glow of the candlelight. *Cue eyeball rolls and retching*

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  1. That is so sweet! No eyerolling or retching here.


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