Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hey, Jane, Get Me Off This Crazy Thing Called...Love

A picture of The Scientist and myself during the holidays. Oddly enough, we have several pictures of us in this exact same pose. But not that odd if you know how much mama loves her beer! This picture is especially funny because it looks like he has a double chin and I have gorgeous cheek bones. It's actually the opposite. His face is abnormally squeeshed and my cheek bones are only visible as a result of my rooting reflex. It's supposed to go away around 4 or 5 months of age, but mine never did. Huh.

I love this man.


  1. You guys are adorable! What a great photo.

  2. hahaha, cute picture. I love beer too! :)

  3. Hey Stevie, I noticed you're a blog friend / reader of Cheryl from Confession Of Twenty Something Years Old. Me and a bunch of friends are trying to get her to be featured in 20SB for February. She's awesome, right?

    So if you have an account in 20-Something Bloggers please help vote for her. All you have to do is visit here and write "I vote for Cheryl from Confession Of Twenty-Something Years Old" or "I second this nomination" :D

    thanks so much before, I hope you participate!

    ps. That's a cute picture. I have some of the similar pictures only it's usually a vodka bottle :P "classy".

  4. STEVIE!!! I LOVE this picture!! you two are just completely fabulous together!!

    ps a very sincere thank you for my happy birthday wishes!! I really appreciate it!!

  5. You guys are so adorable! That's the one thing I hate about blogging is that we don't always get an image of the writer in our head. We see static moments in time instead of live. But, the more photos posted, the better. (I should practice what I preach!)

  6. Thank you all for the sweet compliments! (Or is it complements? I always forget)

    Nilsa, I know exactly what you mean. I LOVE reading blogs with lots of pictures because I seem to relate better to that person's writing, no matter what they write about, if I have an idea of what they look like and see their facial expressions. I'll start posting more pictures!

  7. The Scientist helps his Mama drink her beer :)

  8. I love this picture. You're both so cute together, and just in general!


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