Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dove, Getting My Butt Kicked, A Giveaway, and 100 Posts!

First of all, this is my 100th post!!! I wasn't even paying attention to how many I had published, when I just happened to see the "99" as I was about to write this post.

Anyway, back in March, I was contacted by Dove and asked to host a "Get Sleeveless Ready" party. The party would consist of an hour long workout and FREE STUFF! We all got super cute sleeveless workout tops by Lucy and samples of Dove's new Visibly Smooth deodorant - clinical strength anti-perspirant with the added of benefit of reducing the hair under your arms over time! WIN!

The party was held at Club Zum in downtown Seattle (Apolo Ohno works out there! Sadly, we didn't see him). This gym is AMAZING. It has every piece of exercise equipment imaginable, a rock climbing wall and a great selection of classes.

Running and jumping between long bungees

The class we took was called "Body Definitions", which is a combination of cardio and toning/weights exercises, and oh my HELL did this workout kick our butt! All of us ladies in attendance are in pretty decent shape, but we were out of breath and sweating up a storm 10 minutes into the workout. And did I mention the instructor is 5 months pregnant? Sheesh.


We had a great time working out and hanging out and we all left smelling lovely thanks to the deodorant. And as someone who sweats a lot, this stuff is AWESOME.

Now it's your turn! Want a free sample of this new deodorant? 5 lucky ladies will receive a free sample of this product. Here's how YOU can be one of the lucky ones:

  1. Leave a comment telling me about your favorite workout routine!
  2. Get an extra entry for blogging about the giveaway on your own blog (and be sure to let me know that you've blogged about it).
  3. Winners will be chosen and announced next Sunday, May 2nd.

*Disclaimer This event was paid for by Dove. Each attendee and myself received free samples of Dove deodorant and workout tops and I received a free Flip Cam for hosting the party. I was not paid for this review and all opinions and commentary are solely my own.


  1. Cool. Sounds like a great workout.
    My favorite work out right now is Zumba!

  2. Sadly enough my idea of a workout is taking the walk in downtown Kirkland (waterfront area) when it's pretty nice outside. There's something about that walk that doesn't always feel like exercise. :-)

  3. What's funny is even though we were getting sleeveless ready, my arms aren't sore but my butt and legs are really really sore! Guess I should have chosen heavier weights. :)

  4. That sounds like loads of fun!

    My favourite work out is swimming, did 5km yesterday!

  5. Currently my favorite workout routine is lifting my 20+ lb baby. But I do a lot of arm lifts and squats and up and down the stairs with him, so it actually feels like a decent workout. :)

  6. I already won some Dove deoderant from another blogger, so don't count me into your contest. But, I wanted to say that the class looked like a lot of fun - yay!

  7. I'm way into p90x right now, but that rock climbing wall sounds AWESOME too!

  8. I dont know if I need any deoderant, but how cool that they hooked you up like that... fun class, flip camera -- very fun!

  9. Man, did EVERYONE get to do a Dove workout party except me?! lol...but seriously.

    Anyway, I already won deodorant from Nora's giveaway, so I wanted to wait to comment on this until it was closed, you know, give everyone else a fair chance. :-P Fun times!


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