Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hello, Lover!

I've been VERY good about not spending money lately. Especially on clothes and things of that nature. Mostly because I'm broke, but also because I've got a few pounds to lose and don't want to buy anything until I'm back in shape. Getting there...

But last week I found myself wandering into the Famous Footwear in the shopping center across the street from us. I'm a sucker for advertising and the ginormous "BUY ONE GET ONE 1/2 OFF" worked on me.

I found myself in a field of glorious spring sandals and adorable, dainty little ballet flats, but alas, at a minimum of $40 bucks a pop I quietly passed them by and headed straight for the clearance section.

I'm a self-proclaimed Bargain Queen and I absolutely refuse to buy anything full price, but sometimes the sale racks and clearance sections leave much to be desired. Not in this case.

Example 1:

Cute, huh? And here is the box in which they came:

Why, yes, the original price was $79.99 and that is a giant sticker that says $20.

Example 2:

Does the original price say $89.99? Indeed it does. And does the clearance sticker say FIFTEEN DOLLARS? Correct!

I fell in love with both pairs (and their price tags) immediately, but unfortunately they are both a size 6. I normally wear a 5 to a 5 1/2 (yes, they're teeny), but I tried them on anyway because dress shoes sometimes run small. And much to my delight, they both fit perfectly!

Factor in the buy one get one half off promotion, and...I'll let you do the math on that one. Or I'll just tell you. Both shoes together came out to be a grand total of $27.50 + tax.

I am a genius.

I have 2 big birthday bashes to attend this weekend and hoping to wear one pair, maybe both. I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. your feet are so teeny tiny! is it weird that I think that's cute?

  2. The first one almost has my name on the box! Excellent work on the bargain hunting-- I think you topped my find this week of Lands End slacks for $8.99 at Sears. I also found the best swim suit ever at Target, and I know you love Target. :)

  3. Excellent work! Adorable shoes AND a total bargain... what could be better?

  4. @Hillary - If you think my teeny feet are cute, you should see my hands. I know 5 month old babies who have fingers longer than my pinky. I'm not kidding.

    @Sabrina - I totally thought of you when I bought them! And yes, I love me some Target.

    @Jess - I'm quite pleased with myself :-) They were such a good deal, and I know I'll have many occasions for wearing them this summer so I treated myself.

  5. I LOVE the second pair, both are super cute though, what a steal!

  6. I'm with Kim...the second pair in particular are GORGEOUS!! And what great're definitely a genius!!

  7. Wow you rock! Maybe I should employ you as my personal shopper, hehe.

  8. Oooh love the shoes! I too got sucked in this week by sale prices plus an additional "spend $50 get $10 off" coupon. I am such a sucker for a sale!

  9. How did I not comment on this? Anyway, AWESOME!!!

    The first pair are my favorite!

  10. Isn't bargain hunting the best? Je l'adore!


  11. Heh I always say I'm going to wait to buy clothes until I lose some weight. Then a loong time goes by and I still haven't lost weight so I go ahead and by clothes.

  12. I can attest to the crazy tininess of Stevie's hands and feet. It's a miracle she is able to play flute so well!

  13. How do you keep slingbacks from falling off your heels when you walk? I wish I could wear them! What's your secret, lady?


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