Friday, September 10, 2010

A Brief Summary

A few things I've been up to lately:

Back to school shopping - School starts 2 weeks from Monday!


Dress from Target

Sprucing up the bathroom!
Ripping up carpet at The Scientist's mom's house in preparation for hardwood installation!
 The living room before
 Part of the living room after
A night out on the town wearing togas!
  An old curtain and an old sheet from Ikea!
 Making a proclamation...
A little karaoke at a dive bar out in the boonies
  I don't remember what they were singing...probably Journey
The weather has cooled down, the clouds have rolled in, the leaves are starting to turn.  Summer, it's been fun, but I'm ready for a new season and the change that comes along with it.  Until next year! 


  1. Love back to school shopping...even though I'm not in school. LOL!

  2. Man, I miss back to school shopping. But the next best thing when you're older is office supplied for work! I've been buying those pens you posted for the office and everyone loves them. My fav's the green. ;-)

    And the green accent wall above! We're still trying to figure out paint colors.

  3. Noooo! I'm not ready for fall. I need to start taking vitamin D again I guess.

    Fun toga party. Those never get old!

  4. I LOVE back to school shopping! I went last weekend since this is my last year of graduate school. :) The singing at the dive bar looks like a lot of fun!

  5. Your bathroom looks just darling!

  6. I love the shower curtain in your bathroom! Tell us more about "back to school!" Grad school?

  7. @Jessica - I love it, too! New school supplies (and new clothes) are fun whether you're a student or not!

    @Cass - These are my FAVORITE pens. Aren't they the best? And I totally agree about the office supplies. I could spend HOURS shopping for office supplies! Oh, and the green wall is actually gone now. :-( But the new colors (and hardwoods, granite countertops, etc) look amazing.

    @Nikki - The beginning of fall around here is always so romantic and wonderful, isn't it? Everyone's looking forward to fall, but we seem to be forgetting the god awful rain and gray skies...don't remind me! ;-) And yes, the toga party was a blast. I can't remember the last time I was in a toga!

    @E - Isn't it so cute? And it's super comfy, too. I really wanted it in purple, but they didn't have any in my size. Sad!

    @Betty - Yay for your last year of grad school! Good luck! And yes, the dive bar karaoke was a blast. We were way out in Duvall where some friends of mine live.

    @Kristin - Thank you! It's teeeeeeeny tiny with zero storage. We had a really plain shower curtain before and the shelving unit over the toilet was a magnet for clutter so I wanted to prettify it. It's so much better now!

    @Yellow House - Thanks, I love it too! I'm working on a post all about school, and no, it's not grad school. I'll have it posted soon. :-)

  8. Is that a big window I see in your bathroom? Some people are so icked out by windows in bathrooms ... but, I personally love them ... natural light cannot be replaced by anything in a bulb!

  9. @Nilsa - It's actually just a skylight, and I LOVE it. We get all the natural light, but still have privacy - except for the hot air balloons that fly over during the summer! ;-) And it's fun to shower in the dark when the stars and moon are visible.

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