Thursday, April 14, 2011


So, I bought a dress (and shoes!) for the wedding in September. I didn't actually choose ANY of these. Some were a bit out of my price range and others were no longer available. Instead, I chose this one:

It isn't normally a color I would choose, but for some reason I just love this color with this style. Plus, in early September I'll have a pretty decent tan, which I think will look quite nice with the color. I'll be pairing it with these shoes!

What do you think?

They both arrived last week and I'm in love. The dress is gorgeous and beautifully made. I got it here (several of the other dresses I looked at are from here, too). Have any of you ever visited this site? I found it while browsing Pinterest one day and was blown away by the gorgeous dresses and skirts. Their customer service is incredible and my dress is superior quality. I'll definitely be going there first for most of my future dress-up needs. I got the shoes at DSW. They come in several colors and I want all of them now. They're so pretty and super comfy!

Next order of business is finding jewelry to wear. With the bold color combination, I'm thinking of really simple jewelry but I'm not sure what would work. Any ideas?

P.S. There is still time to enter my giveaway!


  1. So cute! I love the colors together. That is perfect for a September wedding!

  2. Such a cutw color combo - it will look great with a tan!

  3. I love the dress! I have not heard of the site, so thanks for introducing me to another great store :)

  4. I love the colors together and I love that dress!!! I've been in such a lime green/light green clothing mood lately.

    As for accessories, I'm thinking either white, light gold or a very pale tan or peach. ^_^

  5. It's adorable! I love the shoes too. You're going to show up the bride!

  6. Oh, I really love that dress!

  7. I will definitely have to check out the dresses on that site. I love the outfit you put together!!!

  8. I'm not good at picking jewelery unless I see it but for this, I would say earrings and bangles!!! DRESS is SO pretty by the way! great find!! You will look so pretty. I am totally picturing shorter hair, great earrings?

  9. Love the dress and shoes! I would go with some chunky earrings. I don't think you need a necklace since the neckline is so pretty by itself. Fun!

  10. LOVE this combo! I think gold jewelery would work well, or else something to bring out the pink...

  11. How did I not know about eshakti? I will be ordering from this place in the near future, I think!

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