Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ten on Tuesday - Episode 12

Fun questions this week! Head on over to Chelsea's blog if you'd like to participate!

1. If you work, do you drive to work or take public transportation?
I don't work full time, but I am in school full time. I take public transportation. Neither The Scientist or I own a car, so we bus it everywhere. We live next to a large transit hub so a car free life is pretty easy for the day-to-day.

2. How often do you get your haircut? Do you go to the same person every time?

I don't have a set schedule. I chopped my hair off in January and that was the last haircut I've had. Since then, I've just cut/trimmed it myself. I don't care that much about fancy haircuts. I can't imagine spending more than $20 on a haircut.

3. Do you read the newspaper? If so, a hardcopy or the online version?

I LOVE reading the actual newspaper. We don't subscribe, but I read our free local publications, The Stranger and Seattle Weekly, every week. I also love to sit in a coffee shop and read the Sunday paper and do the crossword puzzle(s).

4. What is the best book you have read this year?

Haven't done too much reading in 2011, but I did love Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. It's a wonderful story. It's historical fiction that takes place here in Seattle!5. What is the best movie you have seen this year?
Haven't been to too many movies, either, but I saw The Adjustment Bureau a couple weeks ago and enjoyed it. I read the short story years ago because I love Philip K Dick, and the movie was great.

6. Do you tend to crave sweet or salty foods?

Salty foods all the way. I don't have much of a sweet tooth. I like some sweet treats here and there, but give me chips or french fries and I'm a happy girl.

7. Do you eat breakfast every day? If so, what do you have?

I try to eat SOMETHING when I first get up. I have low blood sugar so I need to eat pretty frequently. In the morning I'll usually eat a banana and some toast, or yogurt. 

8. If you celebrate Easter, what Easter treat/candy are you most looking forward to?

I don't celebrate Easter, but I do love Robin Eggs. Mmmm, malted milk balls.

9. How late is “sleeping in” to you?

I am one of those people who can easily sleep in until 1 or 2 in the afternoon. On weekends or days when I don't have an early class, I try to get up around 9 but a lot of times it's more like 10:30 or 11.

10. Where are you going on your next vacation?

Well, my mum and I are spending this coming weekend in Vegas! After that, The Scientist are taking a weekend getaway in June to Whidbey Island, and in August and early September we'll be back East for his sister's wedding, which is in Maine. (Speaking of which, I bought a dress! I'll blog about it later this week)

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  1. YAY Vegas!!! I love everything Vegas has to offer, plus since it's been our wedding and honeymoon and vacation destination, it's also special!

  2. I'm glad you're a late sleeper too :) I always tell myself I'm going to get up at 8:30 or 9:00, but it's so easy to roll out of bed around 10:30 or 11:00! I will definitely let you know that next time I'm in Seattle ... we've been going frequently so I assume we will be down there sometime soon. Also, if you have any free time during your getaway to Whidbey, let me know! We're on Whidbey every now and then since it's where the base is!

  3. Vegas! How fun! Hope you have a great time:)

  4. I have a major sweet tooth and salty tooth. Is there such thing?

    So much fun meeting you this weekend!

  5. I can't wait to see what dress you chose!!! I love sleeping in, even though I don't do it much. I'd much rather stay up late than get up at a normal time.

  6. @Angie - I love Vegas! After our trip in February, I've been itching to go back. This will be my mum's first time!

    @SEJ - I've always been more of a night owl. I can easily stay up until 3 in the morning...and then sleep until 1 or 2 :-) I'll definitely let you know our plans for Whidbey, it would be great to hang out up there!

    @Sarah - Thank you! I'm excited, especially since it'll be warm and sunny!

    @Nikki - It was so fun seeing you, too! We'll have to get together again soon. Yeah, I think a sweet tooth and salty tooth is definitely a thing ;-)

    @E - I love staying up late. I'm always more productive at night than I am in the morning. I've never been a morning person!


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