Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wine and Love!

The lovely (and newly engaged!) Nora started this fun Thursday series. Head on over to her blog if you'd like to play along! The basic idea is to list things that are, well, driving you to drinking this week. Then list the things you're loving this week!

-One of my classes this quarter is a hybrid course, meaning half is online and the other half is face to face. We only meet once a week but it's on Wednesday night. It's an intro to business class and so far I'm absolutely bored out of my skull. Not to mention the class is full of crazies, including a guy who looks like a Robert Plant drag queen. I don't even know. Also, we have a group project and you all know how I feel about that!

-The weather is still ridiculous! I'm so ready for sundresses and flip flops.

-I'm lacking any motivation to workout or go running (probably because of the ridiculous weather).

-Plans are in the works for The Scientist's birthday, which is one month from today. More to come on that...

-Despite the crappy weather, there are gorgeous blossoms everywhere.

-I got a new laptop 2 weeks ago, which has dramatically changed my day to day life. No longer am I chained to my desk at home all day. I can actually do my schoolwork (and blogging, internet surfing, etc) anywhere I want. Even in bed!

-An adorable hat I got at Target for my Vegas trip last weekend. It looks like this:

What would be on your Wine/Love list this week?


  1. Sundresses and flops for Vegas! :) I wrote my own list today too.

  2. Cute hat. I wish I were a hat person...

    On my love list I'd have Cadbury Creme Eggs. I've eaten WAYYY too many of them.

  3. I hope the weather there starts getting better! I remember scraping ice off of the windshield in May the last year we lived there. UGH!

    Love that hat to death :)

  4. Class on a Wednesday night? What about Modern Family?

    On my love list this week...Husband is away and he took the dogs. I'm staying with my parents and loving every second. Except when they make me do dishes! Also seeing water for elephants tonight...can't wait!

    Enjoy your ham and potatoes ;)

  5. My love list is the awesome sun we had on Saturday!


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