Monday, August 29, 2011

Best Laid Plans

At this moment, The Scientist and I are supposed to be in Brooklyn, NY. Right about now we should be sitting down to eat some amazing jerk chicken here. Our plans for tomorrow included gallivanting around Manhattan before packing up the car and making the drive up to Maine. But none of that is happening.

We're not in New York right now. We're at home. We learned yesterday morning that our scheduled flight for today was canceled. We were able to reschedule our flight for this Thursday (which is incredibly lucky, since most people aren't getting flights until the middle of next week), but we've still continued to call the airline to see if we could get something earlier. We even went to the airport this morning and hung out for a few hours to see if anything opened up. No dice.

Instead, we're enjoying some stay-cation time at home for the next couple of days before our re-scheduled flight. Are we frustrated? Sure. We were looking forward to spending an entire week with The Scientist's sister and soon-to-be husband and that's been cut short. But at least we have a flight that will arrive before their wedding on Saturday. And we'll still have a full 5 days back East. And all other guests and family members are able to attend. And everyone is safe. It could be worse, right? 

Have your travel plans ever gone awry?


  1. Sorry to hear that your travel plans changed...but I'm glad that you guys still get to go later this week! And yes, I've had plenty of travel plans go south...I guess that's part of the joy of traveling. :)

  2. I have really good travel luck in getting TO places. Now getting back home seems to be a different story. The first time I travelled for business, I missed my connecting flight through Detroit (from Ohio), got rerouted through Minneapolis, but that flight got delayed on the tarmac for an hour, so I missed THAT connecting flight through MSP and had to stay overnight in what I'm pretty sure was a haunted hotel.

  3. @Betty - You have definitely had some crazy travel adventures recently! But it's true, that's the joy of's just a big adventure!

    @Joanna - Oh man, that sounds so stressful! But it always makes for a good story after the fact :-)

  4. Oh no! I'm sorry, that really sucks. Glad you guys are making the best of it, and drinking lots of wine. It will be story for sure, and just another excuse to book a longer trip to NY right? Have blast and be safe.

  5. So glad you all were able to get a new flight arranged. But what a great attitude you have, because you're right, it could be worse. Sometimes it's all about keeping it in perspective.

    Our travel plans went awry back in July when we were headed to Ohio for a family wedding. The day started with a flat tire about an hour and a half from home, and ended with me getting sick from heat exhaustion, and us having spent as much time in the car as it would have taken us to get to Ohio, but never making it out of Virginia. Lovely.

  6. Oh man, that's such a bummer! I've never had travel plans get delayed like that, but certainly vacations that just ended up being lame. It's always disappointing, but it's best to just stay positive about things!

  7. @Nikki - Thank you, Nikki! It's been frustrating, but not the end of the world. We're heading out tomorrow and will make the best of our shortened trip. Wine ALWAYS helps ;-)

    @Becky - I was so bummed to read that story of yours. I'm glad you were ok, but I know how sad you were to miss that wedding. Here's hoping your next trip is a thousand times better!

    @Amy - I've had trips like that, too. Sometimes there is so much hype and expectation that it ends up being a flop. After all that's happened this week, I will do whatever I can to have the best damn vacation ever once we get there!

  8. Boy that is frustrating but you can't do anything about the weather!

  9. Oh no!! I did my last post too soon! :(

    I am sorry, that is so frustrating, but it sounds like from your comment above you are on your way.

    Despite the headaches - hope you are having a wonderful time!

  10. Hope you are enjoying your time, even if it was shortened by Irene!

  11. oh Irene... screwed so many people over! ruined my long-planned beach weekend, but we made it work. i'm just so happy that we didn't sustain any further damage from the hurricane that i'm willing to forgive it/her. THIS TIME.

    man, do i have a lot of travel-stories-gone-awry. most recently, natrually, the South America Fiaso :)


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