Thursday, August 4, 2011

Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair...*

Even though our wedding is still over a year away, I've been thinking a lot about how I want to do my hair for the wedding. My short pixie cut has grown out a bit and can almost be considered a bob. I don't know if I want to keep on growing it out, or keep it short.

A few things to consider:

  • I have really thin, really fine hair. No. You don't understand. Unless you have touched my hair, you have no idea how little hair I have. But I am curious to try this
  • Although it's thin and fine, it holds curl like no other hair I've seen. I guess the hair gods wanted to make up for the lack of fullness by blessing me with curl-able hair.
  • I will not be wearing a veil, but love the idea of wearing seasonal, local flowers in my hair. Or some other kind of fun hairpiece (hairpiece? Is that right? For some reason that word makes me think of a toupee...)
  • If I grow it out, I can wear it up. If I keep it short, I can wear some sassy, messy waves.
  • I DO NOT want prom hair. I don't want anything overly styled or perfect. I don't really want to worry about my hair all day.
I've been perusing Pinterest and the rest of the internet for inspiration. Here's a small sampling (all images via Pinterest):

 Love the loose, messy updo.

I'm toying with the idea of a birdcage. Very vintage.

Beautiful 1920s style. And it would go beautifully with my art deco ring!

Would be lovely with or without the head piece

Carey Mulligan can do no wrong. Love this shorter style.

More 1920s. I love finger waves.

What are some of your favorite hairstyles? 

*Quote by Susan Polis Shutz


  1. The fourth picture down is like, perfection! I also think birdcage veils are GORGEOUS.

    What about slightly curly short hair, with little flowers stuck in here and there?

    Like this, but with smaller flowers:

    Or this:

    Or even possibly this which I think is stunning:

    I'll be honest, on mine and Jen's wedding day I was SO excited to get married, I didn't care much about my hair. :D I put my hair in a pretty curly ponytail, with a pretty pearl ponytail holder and styled my bangs and that was it! It looked pretty. For our handfasting, I plan on doing a bit more and I am seriously thinking of doing some sort of floral design!

  2. I wore a pearl headpiece that is kind of vintage looking-- woven pearls into silver kind of thing that has combs on it. You can borrow it if you want!

  3. Yes to a birdcage veil...I love the idea. And I like #4 the best.

  4. Yes yes yes! I love all those pics! I can't even pic a favorite!

  5. I love the Carey Mulligan hairstyle ... and also the idea of a birdcage veil. It's something I'm thinking about too!

  6. I didn't want a fancy prom updo for my wedding either- I love the idea of flowers in your hair (partly b/c I did it too). :-)

  7. My hair is super super thick so wearing it up was a no-brainer on my wedding day. I think you could rock a small updo or loose waves/curls - but either way, I can totally see you in a birdcage veil!

  8. Beautiful hair inspiration! If I could go back and change one thing about my wedding style, I would have done the birdcage veil. It didn't even cross my mind at the time, but I love them!!

  9. haha, i love the thin hair disclaimer. AND I UNDERSTAND. i suspect our hair is quite similar (except mine doesn't even hold a curl!) because no one BELIEVES how thin & fine my hair is until they touch it, too.

  10. I also have basically no hair. I love all of these ideas for your wedding hairstyle, so I'm useless for helping choose which is best. The most fun part though, is that you have a year to experiment and try out all the looks!

  11. Love Carey Mulligan's hair. I say grow it out until you get there then decide!

  12. I recently went to a wedding and did my hair like this.

    My friend has short hair to do and she was able to do it. You basically just dont twist it as much. I hope that helps!

  13. Hello there. I'm so glad I happened upon your lovely blog! My Fiance and I are planning a move to the emerald city in November, so it's always fun to read Seattleite blogs. We're getting married in October and I can completely empathize with your thin hair/wedding hair style conundrums. I have very thin, short hair that is currently growing out and I'm baffled about my wedding hair. Like you, I like the idea of loose, whimsical waves.



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