Monday, December 5, 2011

Home Stretch

Only a week and a half left of this quarter at school, and holy moly it can't come soon enough. My classes haven't been terribly difficult, in fact they've been awesome and I've learned so much, but they have been incredibly time consuming. I have classes four evenings a week until 8 pm, several group projects that have required tons of extra outside of class time, and some challenging assignments in one of my programming classes that needed a great attention to detail. I'm ready to pass out on the couch with a huge pitcher of egg nog next to me, is what I'm sayin'.

I have, however, managed to squeeze in some holiday festivities along the way:

The Scientist and I attended downtown Seattle's annual tree lighting ceremony last week with some friends. 

25,000 Imported Italian Twinkle Lights!

I briefly attended our local high school's craft fair to see if I could score some handmade gifts. It left a little to be desired, but I have made some fabulous handmade purchases from Erin (Etsy) and Moorea (Etsy). I love them so much, though, I'm going to have a hard time giving them away as gifts! 

We had our first holiday party on Saturday night, which is an annual get together some friends of ours host. It was a bit different this year, though. There were babies EVERYWHERE. There were only two of us without children so after the obligatory baby cheek pinching, we spent the rest of the party in the other room with the guys and our own babies cocktails.

I'm slowly plugging away at Christmas cards when I have some free time here and there. If you'd like to get a Christmas card from me, please fill out the form! I'd love to send one to you.

Our tree and other decorations aren't up yet, which is odd to me since I usually have mine up the day after Thanksgiving. But it's all buried deep in a storage closet and I haven't had the motivation to dig it out yet. But the Christmas music has been playing and the Christmasy candles have been lit, so it still feels somewhat festive around here.

Once school is done, I'm sure I'll be in much more of a holiday mood. I CAN'T WAIT!

How is your holiday season so far?


  1. I need some Christmas-y candles, stat. And I cannot wait for next Wednesday (my official end). When/where shall we celebrate? Thursday or Friday maybe.

  2. that tree is lovely! it's so disappointing that the freaking NATIONAL TREE here in dc is so astoundingly, violently ugly. sigh.

  3. It's going well! My tree is up, the stockings are hung, and my Christmas cards are sent. Now I just need to finish my Christmas shopping...

  4. I've always wanted to go to that! Bryan and his social anxiety...and me and my aversion to cold. Darn it, we make a pair! Bah humbug.

    We got the tree, it is up...going ice skating next weekend. And that's the extent ;)

  5. That is so fun you went down to the tree lighting! would you believe I've never been in all the years I've lived here. I always find out about it AFTER it happens. Maybe next year!

  6. Oooh would love to swap cards, I'm actually hosting a card swap on the blog, send me your address to if you're interested!!!

    What school do you go to in Seattle? I graduated from UW and live in Bellevue, neighbor:-)

  7. Oh I missed the tree-lighting ceremony this year :( Looks gorgeous.

  8. Yay for classes being over and yay for Christmas trees! My holidays are going swell...I really can't complain. Just wanna be less busy, but that'll come soon enough.

  9. Oh, I love the tree... I am all about the decorating with lights :)

  10. You can do it! My holiday season seems to be flying by so I'm trying to take a moment each day to soak something in - it's not easy!


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