Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

Link up with Chelsea if you want to play along!

1. How do you feel about Groundhog’s Day?
I didn't know I was supposed to have an opinion about it. But I do love the movie! 

2. What color are your fingernails right now? (Bonus points if you include a picture.)
Super chipped, but butter LONDON "Lady Muck", which is a grayish blue color.

3. Do you like riddles?
Albatross Soup

4. When you were 10, how old did you think “old” was? At your current age, how old do you think “old” is?
I think I thought people who were in their 50s were, like, elderly. Obviously 10 year olds are clueless. Now, I think once you become an octogenarian you are officially old. But you can also call yourself an octogenarian, so, AWESOME.

5. Do you wish on stars?
Not very often, and not seriously. But usually on a magical, warm, summer night I'll wish on the first star.

6. Do you recycle?
Yep. Not just bottles, cans, and paper - I reuse everything. Plastic blags, aluminum foil, plastic containers, etc.

7. On a scale from 1-10, how good of a cook are you?
I love to cook and make a few pretty rockin' dishes, but I'm no Julia Child. I'd say I'm about a 6 or 7.

8. Do you color your hair? Professionally or at home?
About twice or three times a year. I go to our local beauty academy (Gene Juarez) and get highlights for a fraction of the salon price.

9. One a scale from 1-10, how do you rate your manners?
Oh geez. I think I'm pretty polite most of the time, but other times I think Emily Post may be rolling in her grave.

10. Who are the last 5 people you have texted?
The Scientist, Vanessa, my dear friend Michelle, and my neighbors Carrie and Nico.


  1. I've actually never seen Groundhog Day. I think I was too young in its heyday and I've just never gotten around to it. This post reminds me I should remedy that.

  2. #6 - I think it's a city sin if you don't recycle in Seattle! Our building does a compost program too!

  3. I finally took my chipped nail polish off and I'm thinking it's time to give the nails a break so they can recover.

  4. I just spent WAYYYYY too much time researching Albatross Soup and lateral thinking puzzles. This will bother me all night. That and The Bachelor.

  5. i wish on shooting stars.
    totally works.

  6. I love that movie. I think it's the only time Andie McDowell played a sort of sexy lady, which is sad because she's gorg!


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